DFW Glass MartEncountering mold growth in and on your Auto, RV or Truck windows doesn’t happen often. But if it does occur, here’s what to expect.

Mold can cause a lot of problems for the inside of your auto.

How does this effect auto, trucks and RVS?
Mold can grow very fast and can leave you with many problems ranging from odor to dangerous spores in the air.

In autos, mold can travel though the  vents of your car, placing it all over the interior.

How often does this happen?
Cars that are on the move on a regular basis are usually OK.

• Use your heat to dry out the interior
• Let fresh air in whenever you can
• Vacuum up any visible puddles of water
• Keep your car clean and free of trash

Inactive cars have a higher rate of Mold instances
• Look for condensation at the edges of your auto glass
• Check for cracked auto glass seals
• Inspect interior thoroughly with the assistance of extra light

Is the interior of your auto already is this situation?
Call a professional and have them do an inspection and sanitize

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