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Usually your best option is to replace your glass on your older vehicle. Simply repairing could lead to larger costs down the road.

DFW Glass Mart can help with your classic auto glass problems. Read on for old vehicle auto glass tips that could save you money and restore your vehicle to prime condition.

Replacing a window, sunroof or mirror in an older Car, Truck or RV is not a quick process. The glass that is needed could possibly not be available from the original manufacturer any longer, which means DFW Glass Mart will order the needed and appropriate auto glass for our valued customers

If you drive an old truck, rear window replacements will almost certainly include after market auto glass. Similarly, trucks that have the triangular pop out window in the cab and need to be replaced will probably require custom auto glass.

Some classic auto glass and old vehicle auto glass issues are beyond repair. Fixing chips from rocks on the highway or other damage will likely not work for a auto, truck or RV  that is more than 20 years old. Replacement is the most viable option in this case. We cannot recommend simply repairing the chip in this case (or any case for that matter)..Call today and we will explain why: DFW Glass Mart 972-408-6233

In some cases classic auto glass repair is the way to go. Get in touch with our auto glass experts at DFW Glass Mart to find your best options!

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