Thinking about window glass replacements for your residence? The warmer months are a great time to invest in these upgrades. Home window and glass replacement is usually looked at as an upgrade thanks to the added benefits new windows can bring to your home. Two of these benefits have to do with saving you money in the long run.

Two Things to Consider When it Comes to Window Glass Replacements
Save Energy! – If your home windows are single pane or they have air leaking from the seals, then it is likely your home’s glass windows are costing you cooled or heated air your air HVAC system provides to your home. This results in increased energy costs. Especially in the Dallas Plano area where temperatures can rapidly change. When it comes to energy savings, once you have window glass replacements, you can save up to anywhere from $126 to $465 a year, according to If you are replacing double pane windows you can save from $27 to $111 a year on energy costs. While these savings may not seem like much you will also be increasing the current value of your home and making your home more comfortable.

If you don’t feel like the energy savings are worth replacing your windows, you may also want to look into tax credits.

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Tax Credits for NEW Home Windows – If you are thinking about window glass replacements, consider that you can claim 10 percent of the cost of your new windows up to $200 for each window, with a total tax credit up to $500. Note that this does not include installation costs. These windows will need to meet energy star requirements and be installed in your primary Dallas or Plano residence. You may also want to contact your local utility company to see if they offer any refunds when it comes to increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

When it comes to window glass replacements the energy savings and tax credits may help you offset part of the initial cost. You will also find that the increased Dallas and Plano home comfort levels offered by window glass replacement are well worth it.

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