The oils on your fingertips have a tendency to show up on glass. If you’re tired of seeing oily smears on glass surfaces throughout your home, use this guide to remove fingerprints with ease.

Remove Fingerprints from Window Glass
Windows and sliding glass patio doors are notorious for collecting fingerprints, especially if you have children. Fortunately, even the grimiest fingerprints are no match for window cleaner and a little scrubbing.

To begin, grab your favorite bottle of window cleaner or make your own concoction with equal parts water and distilled white vinegar plus three drops of liquid dish soap.

Spray the window with your preferred cleaner. Wipe it immediately with a microfiber cloth. This is better than a paper towel if you want to avoid leaving lint behind. Finally, dry and buff the glass with wadded up newspaper. The finished product is a clean, streak-free window you can be proud of.

Remove Fingerprints from Auto Glass
On cold-weather road trips, your kids probably fog up the car windows with their breath and draw pictures to each other. While this is a cute way to pass the time, it turns your windows into a fingerprinted mess.

For the best results, grab automotive glass cleaner, which has a different chemical composition than household glass cleaner. Then, rather than reaching for the paper towel roll, arm yourself with a microfiber cloth that will absorb oily fingerprints effectively and not leave lint or streaks behind.

Spray the cleaner liberally on the offending windows and wipe away with the cloth. The techniques described here should prevent smudging, streaking, and other visibility problems.