We take time out to prep our cars for the winter season—servicing the engine, tires, and so on. However, one thing that’s often overlooked is the windshield.According to the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA), the likelihood of your windshield cracking increases by almost 60% in the winter.However, with the right care, you help your windshield survive the cold. The experts at dfwglassmart have compiled tips on how to correctly care for your windshield when the temperatures drop sub-zero level.

Use Proper Tools to Scrape Ice

Choose materials that will not scratch the surface of your windshield which will lead to an impaired view of the road.Brass and plastic scrapers are generally safe to use on glass surfaces.

Use Safe Methods of Defrosting

One of the basics of defrosting with water is that you should never use hot water. This can cause irreparable damage to your windshield, causing it to crack. Instead, pour or splash lukewarm water onto the snow-covered surface. This will cause the snow to soften—you can remove this with a cloth.If you’re using an ice scraper, avoid scraping the windshield in an up-down motion; rather, scrape from side to side.

Replace Windshield Washer Fluid

Try and re-fill your windshield’s washer fluid. There are a number of washer fluids designed to melt away the ice on contact—this is perfect for winter months. We strongly advise you not to fill it up with water, as it will freeze.

Other Maintenance Tips to get you through the winter

  • Cracks and scratches tend to expand during the winter season; make sure you take care of these by taking your car to an auto glass repair expert.
  • Make sure your wiper are working well and don’t leave scratches on your windshield. You can try installing special wipers that can efficiently remove the ice from your windshield.
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