Have you ever wondered how durable modern windshields can be? It’s quite common to hear stories of windshield destruction during intense car accidents. Many people know of at least one person that collided with a deer and endured a crumbled windshield, but these instances are actually not that common.

Especially in modern times, windshields are now stronger than ever and they can handle some pretty serious impacts. A windshield is not just a single sheet of glass that keeps bugs and wind out of your face when you drive, it actually serves a few different purposes.  Just in case you aren’t really educated on the details of your windshield strength, let’s take a deeper look just how strong are windshields in today’s modern automotive industry.

Not Just Any Old Glass

The reason many people underestimate the strength of windshields in general is because glass is thought to be a fragile material. While regular window-pane glass and other weaker types of glass are actually very fragile, your windshield glass is made a bit differently.

Windshields are made of something called tempered glass, which is glass that has undergone a special forming process involving blasts of cold air that make it much stronger than normal. If you’ve ever seen someone hit a windshield with a baseball bat you know that windshields don’t just shatter like window panes, they splinter into tiny bits which clues us in a bit on how strong are windshields in today’s world.

How Strong Are Windshields?

Normally even tempered glass would break and splinter all over the place when hit with something like a baseball bat or another vehicle on the road, but your windshield features an extra layer of defense called “lamination”. If you’ve ever gotten a library card made, you know that laminating basically means to cover something with a layer of plastic, which is exactly what is done to your windshield.

A layer of sticky industrial-strength plastic is sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass which make up your windshield. Thus, we are really able to determine how strong are windshields when they take an impact, because the plastic laminate in the middle keeps the layers of glass stuck together and prevents them from flying all over the place when they are hit directly.

It takes a seriously devastating impact to actually puncture a hole in your windshield. To put it into a scientific comparison that is easier to understand, a single fiber of glass without any flaws actually carries up to 5 times the strength of steel.

Replacing Your Windshield

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