Hail Damage Windshield Repair Steps

1. Clean Door & Window Frame

Jagged edges can cause injuries, so be careful to clean the door and window frame of your vehicle using thick gloves. Pay attention to all door edges, even those that aren’t visible when the door is closed.

2. Apply Masking Tape

After opening the car door, apply a 2-inch wide strip of masking tape to the window frame and surrounding areas of the door. Run a second strip that covers the first strip along the length of the door.  

3. Finish With Packing Tape

The final step in temporary hail damage windshield repair involves applying packing tape along the bottom of the damaged window frame. Make sure it covers the masking tape that’s already in place, and apply more packing tape until the window frame is completely taped. Next, apply overlapping vertical strips of packing tape to the door’s interior, tackling the task slowly to minimize wrinkles and air bubbles.